Video Information Management Policy

CTR informs customers, who are the subject of video information, and our executives and employees, etc. through the following CCTV (video information processing device) operation/management policy for what purpose and method the video information collected and processed by CTR is being operated and managed. Please note.

1.Grounds and purpose of installation of image information processing equipment

In compliance with Article 25, Paragraph 1 of the Personal Information Protection Act, CTR installs and operates image information processing devices for the purpose of customer and employee safety, crime prevention, and facility protection, and other detailed purposes are as follows.

1. Facility, parking, safety management and fire prevention
2. Access management and control of personnel and vehicles
3. Protection of business sites and prevention of crimes such as theft
4.Prevention of illegal intrusion by outsiders

2. Installation location of image information processing equipment

CTR installs image information processing equipment in the following places in accordance with the relevant laws.

1. Places requiring security for public safety and protection of trade secrets, such as main entrances, lobbies, corridors, etc.

2. A place to prevent crime, such as a fence outside the workplace

3. Places and protected areas where other security, crime prevention, and vulnerabilities are concerned, etc.

3. Installation and operation of image information processing equipment

The image information processing equipment installed and operated by CTR is installed for public safety, facility protection, crime and accident prevention, etc., and is separately installed and operated in consideration of the characteristics and needs of the workplace.

4. Responsible for image information protection and management and operation of image information processing equipment

For inquiries regarding image information processing equipment and image information, refer to the table below and contact the department in charge of each region.

Affiliates Place of business Usage Shooting time Management/Operation Responsible Department Contact/mail
CTR Holdings CTR Building Crime prevention,
For security
24 hours CTR Holdings
Business management team
Physical security
All reps
CTR Changwon Plant CTR Management Support Team
Masan Plant
Yeongsan Plant
Daehap Plant
AM 1 Plant
AM 2 Plant
CTR Mobillity Ulsan Plant CTR Mobility
Management Support Team
Seosan Plant
Daegu Plant
CTR EcoForging Mirayng Plant CTR EcoForging
Management Support Team
Smart Campus Anyang CTR Management Support Team

5. Collection, protection measures and processing method of image information

1. CTR does not arbitrarily collect video information or use the recording function for any purpose other than the purpose of installation in paragraph 1 above, and the collected and stored video information is stored in an area where access to anyone other than those authorized to access is completely controlled and a lock is installed. It is managed by the system.
2. CTR manages the video information captured and collected through video information processing devices as confidential or more, and prohibits arbitrary viewing, playback, and taking out of the company.
3. Use of personal image information for any purpose other than purpose, provision to a third party, request for viewing, etc., and matters related to destruction are recorded and managed, and image information is permanently deleted when the storage period expires so that it cannot be restored.

6. Confirmation of personal image information, request for deletion and measures

1. If you want to view, check, or delete the image information of an individual who is the information subject, you can request it to the person in charge of managing the image information processing device at each business site at any time. However, it is limited to the video information in which the information subject, the person himself/herself, is recorded and the personal image information that is clearly necessary to prevent the imminent benefit or damage to the life, body, and property of the information subject.
2. CTR will take immediate action when an information subject requests to view or delete personal image information, except for the following cases of refusal.
3. If the storage period of personal image information has elapsed and the information has been deleted
4. If you are concerned about invasion of privacy of others due to viewing and disclosure of video information
5. In the case of significant hindrance to criminal investigation, maintenance of public prosecution, trial, etc.
6. Other cases where the company has reasons to legitimately reject the information subject's request for viewing or confirmation

7. Announcement of change in image information processing device operation and management policy

If CTR needs to add, delete, or modify contents in accordance with changes in laws, policies, or security technology, it will be notified through the company website without delay.

Effective Date: October 1, 2017