CTR takes social responsibilities fully with roles and duties for advancement of communities
in order to make better societies as member of them.

Policy and strategy

Human rights management

CTR is improving the human rights and labor field operation criteria to the level of the international community by reflecting the corporate social responsibility issues of various interested parties into management by establishing corporate social responsibility governance.

CTR is improving the human rights and labor field operation criteria to the level of the international community by reflecting the corporate social responsibility issues of various interested parties into management by establishing corporate social responsibility governance.

EHS management

CTR has implemented EHS management system to make safe and pleasant business sites and acquired certificates (ISO 14001, ISO 45001) and manages them
All EHS management systems are running according to P(Plan), D (Do), C (Check) and A (Action). In addition, since 2016, we have achieved zero hazard through periodic safety check from professional institutes
and further comply with CTR’s own safety culture by organizing professional team and persistent training.

  • STEP 1

    • Converted certificates into ISO 14001 and ISO 45001,
      building EHS management system for new business sites.

    • supporting safety checks and training for partnership companies

  • STEP 2

    • Enhancement of global capabilities for personnel in charge of EHS

    • persistent improvement through consulting with professional institutes

  • STEP 3

    • Establishment of EHS management culture for all employees and staff

    • contributing local communities through best safety environment and maintaining it

EHS certificates

ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certified by CTR’s domestic 10 business units and 1 overseas business site

Quality Management

Achieving customer satisfaction with 'Best Quality'

  • Product Safety

    Improving brand reliability through
    "Safety quality" management

  • Zero-Defect

    customer quality through
    Zero-Defect "Smart Factory"

  • Quality Improvement

    Quality Improvement through
    "Continuous Quality Improvement"

Ethical management

  • Ethics Charter

  • Ethics of employees and staff

  • Customer’s ethics

  • Partnership companies’ basic ethics

  • Directors and employees’ basic ethics

  • Cyber notifying center

    • One.

      We always pursue honesty and sincerity with prides as a member of corporations and make efforts to keep dignity of individuals and honor of corporation.


      We make health corporation culture according to principles and bases by clarifyingpublic and private matters in our jobs and complying with related laws and rules and completing our duties.


      We protect secrets acquired from businesses and avoid behaviors conflicting between company and individuals.


      We acquire all information fairly and transparently and won’t use them illegally or unfairly.


      We always respect customers and think in terms of their aspects and regard customers as a standard of all behaviors.


      We secure trust through customer-centric thinking and activities and contribute to persistent creation of customer values.


      We protect assets and honors of customers and provide them with correct information about products and services.


      We respect market economy orders based on responsibilities and transparency and comply with fair trade – related laws and rules.

    • One.

      We purse prosperity together by building mutual trusts and cooperation through fair trade.


      We won’t take advantage of superior positions nor force unfairness and other unethical behaviors.


      We respect employees and staffs as every individualpersonality and make best efforts for them to exhibit their creativeness.


      We make working environment where every employees and staffs can work safely and pleasantly and make best efforts to prevent industrial accidents along with preventive measure.


      We protect personal information against employees and staffs and guarantee them as an information owner.

    • Completing duties

      1. 1. We, employees and staff share corporation’s visions, missions and goals of management and will complete our duties to achieve them faithfully.

      Identifying public and private matters

      1. 1. We, employees and staff will clearly identify public and private masters.

      2. 2. We, employees and staff, won’t use corporation’s assets privately nor other purposes than their intended budgets (Costs) and won’t damage such assets.

      Avoiding conflicts of interests

      1. 1. We, employees and staff will avoid all behaviors causing conflicts of interests against companies in our duties and jobs.

      2. 2. If there is any conflict of interest between companies, individuals and department, then we will most prioritize interests of company unless there is against ethical standards.

    • Reporting entertaining and bribery

      1. 1. We, employees and staff will make submit written report with entertainment and money attached on it to senior manager and then to presiding department within 3 days if there is any entertainment and money inevitably given by partnership companies or other entities related to interests in connection with jobs.

      2. 2. Such presiding department should summarize related money and goods and return them back to their providers. If such retuning is impossible, we will donate them regularly through official procedures.

      Mutual respecting between employees and directors

      1. 1. We, employees and directors, shall comply with basic etiquette for each other and won’t do behaviors such as criticizing partners or arrogant acts.

      2. 2. Senior shouldn’t instruct to his or her junior unfair orders such as borrowing money, debt guaranteeing and other unfair orders. Juniors will follow fair orders but reject unfair or illegal orders.

      3. 3. We, employees and staff, won’t do any behavior such as sexual humiliation or feeling of aversion between them.

    • Prohibiting sexual harassment

      We, employees and staff, won’t do behaviors such as sexual temptation and sexual humiliation and other similar behaviors between them.

      1. 1. Grabbing or touching specific body parts

      2. 2. Behaviors such as naughty humors, sexual lewdness or crude stories

      3. 3. Sexual insinuation or assessing sexual appealing against partners’ appearances

      4. 4. Posting sexual photographs or pictures or showing them to partners

      5. 5. Forcing members to serve drinking table or to dances

      6. 6. Other behaviors causing sexual humiliations in terms of social standards

    • Respecting customers

      Our employees and directors will always respect customers and think everything in terms of them and take most prioritized standards for customers’ all behaviors.

      Provision 31 Customer Satisfaction

      1. 1. We will always make efforts to provide true values through innovation and creation required by customers.

      2. 2. We will provide excellent quality and best services just in time and make best efforts to satisfy customers with our technologies and quality improvement.

      Provision 32 Protecting customers

      We won’t expose nor take advantage of customers’ information for other purposes without their prior consent and will protect assets and honors of customers.

      We will help customers to make reasonable decisions by providing information necessary or needed for customers correctly and rapidly.

    • Fair Trade

      1. 1. Company will guarantee fair opportunities for qualified partnership companies and appoint them based on objective and fair audits and rational procedures.

      2. 2. Company will explain newly assigned partnership companies with basic guidelines, codes of ethics and reporting system regarding trade with our company.

      3. 3. Company shall set clear evaluation standards for partnership companies and secure transparency.

      4. 4. Company will prevent cases to disconnect trade by our own decisions such that determines, maintains or revise their products’ price and services unfairly or relies on unfair behaviors.

      5. 5. Company will comply with fair trade related laws and won’t violate them at all costs.

    • Descriptions for relations with interests

      1. 1. Our employees and staff will perform fair trade without having influences upon partnership companies which have relations of interests.

      2. 2. Employees whose positions are higher than team leaders will describe relations of interests and submit it to presiding department.

      3. 3. Presiding department will keep such summarized information confidential.

      Mutual advancement

      1. 1. Company or employees and staff will cooperate with each other to make clean and transparent trading practices and also to maintain fair trade rules.

      2. 2. Company or employees and staff will support and cooperate with partnership companies as much as possible so that they can grow with their capabilities.

      3. 3. Company will recommend partnership companies to receive confirmation form for participating in ethical management asking them to cooperate and participate in practice of ethical management.

    • Respecting employees and staff

      1. 1. Company shall treat every individual as a person with dignity and respect their religious and political aspects.

      Provision 38 Protecting personal information

      1. 1. Company will protect personal information that it collects, keeps and manages according to related laws and company’s rules and also guarantee rights of such information ownership.

      Prohibiting discrimination

      1. 1. Companywon’t discriminate employees and staff because of their ethnic groups, nationality, religions, academic background, birth place, blood relations, political views, social position, marital status (pregnancy) and disabled status in connection with employment, promotion, compensation and other employing customs.

      2. 2. Company shall give fair opportunities depending on individual employee and staff’s capabilities and performance and will evaluate and compensate them based on fair standards.

    • Improvement of working environment

      1. 1. Company will make working environment where employees and staff can work safely and pleasantly.

      2. 2. Company will make best efforts to prevent industrial accidents and risks by complying with laws and rules related to Environment / Safety / Health.

      3. 3. Company will develop and practice programs to enhance health, education, welfare and quality of life for employees and staff.

    • Behaviors to be reported and their measure

      Behaviors which should be reported

      1. 1. If someone received money & goods or entertainment in connection with jobs from any party under interest with company and provides conveniences beyond conventional level

      2. 2. If someone sought individual benefits by doing against benefit of company or establishing such relationship

      3. 3. If someone damaged honors of company by committing inappropriate behaviors or his or her actions are believed to be unethical behaviors

      Protecting those who reported above information

      1. 1. Presiding department should protect those who reported aforementioned inappropriate behaviors and their reports so that they are not discriminated nor suffer from unfairness.

      2. 2. If those who reported aforementioned inappropriate behaviors are discriminated or suffer from unfairness, then they shall be able to request protection and correcting against such unfairness. In this case, presiding department shall take proper measure against such measure.

    • How to report or measure

      1. 1. In principle, such reporting should be done by actual name (For transparency for reporting from slandering certain person, distributing false information)

      2. 2. Reporting could be written without any format but based on ‘Who’, ‘When’, ‘Where’, ‘What’ and ‘How’ with detailed information attached on it

      3. 3. Cyber reporting, mail, telephone or face-to-face interview outside of company

Coexistence management

CTR and its partnership companies will be advancing toward our relations by sharing each company’s technologies and distributing achievements under the principles of best products, win-win growth and ethical management.

Win-win partnership direction

  • Ethical management

  • Seeking quality

  • Wills for advancement

Clear standards of the coexistence cooperation, constant business for cooperative development.

Support for mutual growth of CTR's cooeprative companies

Support for operational funds

indirect fund support by mutual fund

Training Support

Support for increased personal prodictivity and copperative companies increasing

Mutual Communicate with cooperative companies

Expand communication through workshops

Fair Trade

Signing contracts with fair contract conditions and adhering to stringent contracts

Global business support

Global support for global business partners with join the co-globaliging

R&D Cooperation

Technical Exchange : 2 to 3 times a year / Tech Festival : Two to three years in a future research business and right-way

Social Contribution

CTR, as a member of the community, is carrying out various activities targeting local communities to contribute to creating a better society. We will seek ways to create sustainable values based on cooperation and respect, and strive to create a safe world by growing and coexisting with society through communication with our stakeholders.