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CTR Mutual Cooperation Association, Creating a Community Together in Step with ESG Management 23-12-14


On November 10th, the CTR Mutual Cooperation Association conducted a volunteer activity, involving the creation of paper pack collection boxes and the delivery of essential goods for charity. Kang Tae-Ryong, the Chairman of the CTR Group, along with four CTR leaders and 42 members of the CTR Mutual Cooperation Association, participated. They collaborated with the Changwon City Volunteer Center to make DIY paper pack collection boxes. In the afternoon, they contributed essential goods to help the underprivileged community stay warm during the winter season, offering a valuable helping hand.


This Mutual Cooperation Association focused on ESG management, aiming to realize carbon neutrality and natural circulation, as well as to support marginalized communities through social contribution activities. Aligning with ESG management principles, the event sought to contribute to the local community through volunteer activities with partner companies and simultaneously internalize sustainable values. On this day, an educational session was also organized, led by Executive Director Byun Seong-Ho of the Korea Management Quality Institute, to educate small and medium-sized enterprises on preparing for carbon neutrality, highlighting the importance and necessity of ESG. 

Following the lecture, participants paired up in teams of two to collaborate with the Changwon City Volunteer Center in spreading recycling culture and reducing the consumption of disposable resources. They dedicated their efforts to creating paper pack collection boxes, contributing towards environmental sustainability. Everyone actively engaged in the activity, making it a meaningful moment where we took a step forward in creating a sustainable future together with our local community.









 Afterward, the group visited Sungsimwon, delivering essential goods to the underprivileged in preparation for the winter season, thereby contributing to a warmer winter through their donation of love. Accompanied by warm greetings and many expressions of gratitude, they received heartwarming news about the significant impact their contribution would have on those in need of these essentials. This valuable act of sharing enriched the meaning of giving, making it a truly fulfilling experience.



The volunteer activities of the CTR Mutual Cooperation Association have not been limited to this year alone, but have been ongoing since 2019. They aim to exert a continuous and positive influence on the local community, going beyond mere volunteer work. The participating companies are committed to fulfilling their social responsibilities and pursuing a sustainable business model, making these activities an important aspect of their ongoing efforts.

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