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MAXLITE: CTR introduces eco-friendly brand. 21-09-08



MAXLITE: CTR introduces eco-friendly brand.

We are facing a moment of paradigm shift in automobile market. The automobile market, represented by internal combustion locomotives, is being rapidly segmented into various driving systems such as electric vehicles, self-driving cars, and PBVs. Not only eco-friendly vehicle market such as electric vehicle market and hydrogen car market with policy supports of major countries but also premium automobile market due to deepening income polarization with long-lasting COVID-19 pandemic are growing rapidly.

In this torrent of change, CTR has launched an eco-friendly brand called "MAXLITE" to keep up with customers' needs. For eco-friendly product lineup marketing, we are planning to use it actively in customer management, marketing, and sales.

210908. MAXLITE.png

Max which means the highest and maximum, and Light which means lightweight and lowering, are combined into MAXLITE. It symbolizes CTR's future vision, technology and products on lightweight technology required for future automobile technology. 

210908. MAXLITE (2).jpg


Side by side the launch of the MAXLITE brand, we have opened ONTACT ; an OE digital marketing channel ; for non-face-to-face communication with customers in the COVID-19 pandemic. ONTACT contents are being uploaded on YouTube, LinkedIn and CTR Group websites.

Your support and care on MAXLITE will be highly appreciated.

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