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Forbes Korea's Selection of Leaders from the CTR Group 24-04-03


Forbes Korea, an economic monthly magazine launched by JoongAng Ilbo in collaboration with Forbes Global, provides CEO magazines that offer agendas and essential issues for entrepreneurs that traditional media may overlook.

In the April issue of Forbes Korea, an interview featuring Chairman Tae Ryong and Vice Chairman Sang Woo from the CTR Group was introduced.

Titled "A Journey of Innovation Passed Down Through Three Generations Since 1972," the interview sheds light on the growth process of the CTR Group, which started as a small automobile parts store named 'Sinra Trading' and grew into a global company. It delves into the thoughts, management philosophy, and future plans of Chairman Tae Ryong and Vice Chairman Sang Woo, who have walked this path together, illuminating the direction of the CTR Group.

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Excerpt from the April Issue of Forbes Korea Interview with the CTR Group


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