Central makes best efforts for research & development
toward excellent quality and technologies to realize safe world.

R&D Philosophy

R&D Strategy

CENTRAL Technology R&D Center, established in the year 1990 to equip independent technological competitiveness, currently has approximately 120 researchers and continues to proceed toward best technologies. Our R&D center contributes to making products light-weighted through basic material researches and various analysis methods and further makes efforts to develop perfect products by tests using various & optimized test equipment based on actual vehicle conditions. Our R&D center will continue to perform challenging and innovation to become a core company leading future by addressing trends of new mobility rapidly .

  • Improving design and development capability

  • Cost competitiveness

  • Development of strategic new technologies

  • Acquiring specialized human resource

R&D Network

R&D Network

  • Central main R&D Center



  • Central Technology R&D Center Smart Campus

  • Europe Technical R&D Center

    • Changwon Plant 551, Gongdan-ro, Seongsan-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

    • Ulsan Plant 115, Modulehwasaneop-ro, Buk-gu, Ulsan-Si, Korea

    • Daegu Plant 100, Gukgasandan-daero, 39-gil, Guji-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu-si, Korea

    • CENTRAL Technology R&D Center Technical & Business Center, CENTRAL SMART CAMPUS, 41-4, Burim-ro 170beon-gil, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    • CTR Europe GmbH Kaiserstr.100, 52134 Herzogenrath, Germany

Central’s technologies

Central’s technologies

  • Caulking technology

  • Mass production technology

  • Injection mold

  • Electrical System technology

  • Forging technology

  • Ride quality technology

    • Upper caulking technology for outer ball joint with improved corrosion resistance

      We developed upper caulking technology to improve corrosion problems caused by exposure of lower machining part (unpainted part) that is a problem of lower caulking type. Upper caulking type whose machining part (unpainted area) is formed toward upper direction and is not exposed outward after final boot is assembled, which is beneficial to suppressing corrosion. Central’s upper caulking technology is first applied to domestic automobiles and completely removed claims such as bad caulking and excessive gaps and consequently this technology is proved to be superiority and furthermore registered a patent and now it has been widely applied to domestic and overseas automobiles.

    • Ball screw mass production technology for electric powering

      Ball screw is a power transmission device to convert rotational movement to linear movement and currently this is switched into electrical device for hydraulic system. Core parts to be converted into electrical device are motor and power transferring parts and it’s imperative to apply highly efficient ball screw in order to make motor size smaller. Started with localizing and developing ball screw for electrical steering device in 2011, Central is developing devices for power train, braking device and suspension.

    • Applying injection mold for weight lightening

      Products using injection mold technology are light than metallic materials and also have a benefit to fulfill mechanical performance satisfactorily. Central, started with injection mold type stabilizer link that was mass produced in 2014 for the first time in industry, currently mass produces ball joint, cross axis ball joints by applying injection mold technology. Especially stabilizer link achieved 20% weight lightening compared with existing products.

    • Electrical power system technology, core technology for future automobile

      Automobile electrical power system is absolutely necessary for convenience, ride quality and enhancement of safety accompanied by social demands such as low pollution and eco-friendliness. Central R&D center develops system integration and optimizing technologies independently, which are absolutely needed for electrical power system.

    • Aluminum forging technology for lightweight vehicle

      Aluminum alloy is a nonferrous material with a higher specific strength than iron. Its applicable field has been increasing for weight reduction rapidly, and research of lightweight technologies is being carried out continuously through the enhancement of strength. CENTRAL R&D team has built up its own aluminum forging technologies through steady development of aluminum forging material, and process design studies. As a result of this continuous study, CENTRAL has been securing the largest share in domestic Control Arm market which was firstly started in 2003, and leading global automotive market.

    • Ride quality improvement technology

      Integrated new technology, propeller shaft

      This technology optimized components of propeller shaft and minimized thermal strain by applying friction welding technique. Furthermore this developed shock absorbing structure to secure stability against vehicle collision and enhanced ride quality more by absorbing vibration created by vehicles, which is developed by applying vibration resistance rubber technology.

      Drive Shaft, developed for the first time in domestic market

      Central developed mono block drive shaft and friction hollow shaft drive shaft to improve ride quality and gas mileage for the first time in domestic market.

R&D Test assessment technologies

Test assessment technologies

Central provides customers with best test quality by complying with management system established by related laws and rules. Recently, Central, equipped with quality system equivalent to international standards, is certified with KOLASavailable for worldwide 74 countries and accordinglyCentral has been proved to be an internationally certified test institute.

  • IAMT Actual Car Presenting Abrasion Durability Tester

  • Anechoic room

  • Complex Corrosion tester

  • Gearbox Performance Tester

  • IAMT Boot Durability Tester

  • 6 Axes Abrasion Durability Tester