Central, a first class company for providing safe products and devices to every transportation means,
contributes to societies in order to make safer world and better life.

Value System

경영이념 및 비전

Management Philosophy

We create a safe world through continuous innovation that enhances employee happiness, customer’s trust and social advancement.

Since its foundation, Central has made efforts for the happiness of employees, reliability of customers and social development. Most of all, Central, we place our highest priority on employee happiness. Respectful and happy employees in the workplace will do their best to provide better products and services to their customers, which in turn will lead to a better society.

To that end, Central will constantly innovate to make the world safer. The products produced by Central are the key components responsible for the safety of the vehicle. Central will continuously make an effort to build a safer product and increase the safety of our customers and make our society safer.



  • Role

    Our company, which name signifies “center” and “core”, will aim for

  • Target

    our employees, clients, and all members of our society

  • Goal

    to live a safe life

  • Business

    by becoming a core company that provides safe products and services for all types of transportation.

Vision of Central, ‘CENTRAL to Your Safe Mobility’ means it is a core company that adds safety to every move. Central has a vision that it will expand its business area by various means of transportation based on its core technologies and capabilities, provide safe products and services, and become a core company indispensable to customers and society.

To this end, we are increasing R&D investment, establishing a healthy and safe working environment, and implementing a strategy to enhance safety quality.

Core Values

  • 핵심가치1


    • Set a Challenging Goal
    • Perseverance
    • New Initiatives and Improvements
    • Encouragement for Failure
    • Positive Attitude
  • 핵심가치2


    • Based on Trust
    • Aim for Common Goals
    • Create Synergy
    • Principle and Fairness
    • Communication and Understanding
  • 핵심가치3


    • Mission Completion
    • Professionalism
    • Diligence
    • Honor Promises
    • Compliance with Ethics
  • 핵심가치4


    • Respect our Community
    • Respect our Colleagues
    • Open Mindset
    • Warmth and Encouragement
    • Feedback

All of Central members think and act on the core values of challenge, cooperation, responsibility and respect.

The four core values above were selected based on the opinions of internal employees and all of Central members should possess. Central will challenge for sustainable growth, reinforce ‘cooperation’ and ‘responsibility’ for common objective and practice the value of ‘respect’ to me and the other side so as to make create a mature corporate culture.


  • CENTRAL Way is a detailed guideline that shows how our core values are practiced by everyone in CENTRAL.
  • CENTRAL Way consists of the following ten categories. These categories serve as a standard by which everyone in CENTRAL think and act.
  • CENTRAL Way provides the answer to the question, “Am I thinking and acting the right way?”. If what you do meet the standards stated in CENTRAL Way, the answer is yes. Therefore, CENTRAL Way lies at the heart of all our decisions.


    • 1960.9

    • 1971.2

    • 1971.10

    • 1973.3

    • 1987.7

    • 1990.2

    • 1991.4

    • 1992.3

    • 1994.2

    • 1994.12

    • 2000.12

    • 2007.5

    • 2011.4

    • 2011.10

    • 2014.3

    • 2015.1

    • 2015.3

    • 2017.3

    • 2017.3

    • 2017.5

    • 1960.9
      Founded Shilla Iron foundry

    • 1971.2
      Changed company name into ‘Korea Central Automobile Industry Co., Ltd’

    • 1971.10
      Founded Central CAS and started casting businesses

    • 1973.3
      Localized development of steering parts for the first time in Korea

    • 1987.7
      Completion of Changwon Plant in ‘Korea Central Automobile Industry Co., Ltd’

    • 1990.2
      Established affiliated technology R&D Center

    • 1991.4
      Founded Central CMSand started machining business

    • 1992.3
      Changed company name into ‘Central’

    • 1994.2
      Established Central Motek

    • 1994.12
      Started first OEM export

    • 2000.12
      Acquisition of Central LTS

    • 2007.5
      Acquisition of Central DTS started driving equipment business

    • 2011.4
      Established NEO CTR build AM business specialized system

    • 2011.10
      Established Chinese Janggahang Corporation (CTR CHINA)

    • 2014.3
      Extended steering part module businesses

    • 2015.1
      Entered into braking parts businesses

    • 2015.3
      Founded Mexico Monterrey Corporation (CTR MEXICO)

    • 2017.3
      Completed Central DTSDaegu Plant

    • 2017.3
      Completed Central CMSDaehap Plant

    • 2017.5
      Completed Central Smart Campus

    Reward Result

    • 2019.07
      2019 Korea's Job Selection Company

    • 2011~2016
      5 executive GM superior quality suppler

    • 2015.12
      Appointed as best partner for Hyundai Mobis and best partnership company in 2015

    • 2015.11
      Awarded with IR52 Jang Young Sil Technology Innovation Prize

    • 2015.10
      Awarded with Hyundai Automobile Group’s Chairman’s prize in 2015

    • 2014.12
      Awarded with 200 million Dollar’s Export Tower

    • 2014.5
      Appointed as a targeted company for ‘2014년World Class 300’ Project (Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprise)

    • 2013.10
      Appointed as a target company for ‘Korean type Hidden Champion’ Business (The Export-Import Bank of Korea)

    • 2009~2012
      Appointed as 4 executive GM best partnership company (Supplier Of The Year)

    • 2006.11
      Awarded with 100 million Dollar’s Export Tower

    • 2002.11
      Awarded with 50 million Dollar’s Export Tower



    CEO Greetings

    Central will think differently and make ‘Innovation’ our custom by continuing to innovate product and services and provide safe products and services for all transportation methods and ultimately make safer and better world.

    CENTRAL will provide employees a happy workplace that can achieve their dreams and self-fulfillment and become a partner who places trust in clients with high quality service and technology, and act based on the principle of social responsibility as part of a community, contributing to a better society.

    CEO Tae Ryong Kang

    ceo sign



    Word Mark


    The word mark of Central Inc indicating ‘Center’ and ‘Core’ expresses Central as acronym of CTR.
    Here C means ‘Challenge, T means ‘Teamwork (Cooperation), R means Responsibility & Respect.
    All products delivered Central indicate reliability and unlimited possibility
    so that all customers use safely and also indicates advancing to the world as a global leader.

    [Meaning from shape of CTR]

    Sloped angle for CTR word mark is 66.5° and created as a concept of globe’s axis 66.5° on revolving orbit
    and this means Central’s global progress and dynamic aspects toward future.

    [Meaning of ratio]

    This word mark is created with its ratio, Horizontal (3.65): Vertical (1) Here ‘1’ means an industry leader and winner.
    ‘36.5’ indicates human body’s temperature, which means human-centric management
    and 365 days’ customer satisfaction-prioritized management.

    Logo Type


    Logo type of Central Inc. indicates pursuing trust with excellent products and service and wills for endless innovation.



    Signature of Central has its purposes to unify image actively by combining word mark
    and logo type efficiently and systematically and its usage is properly selectable depending on situations.

    Brand Architecture

    Master Brand

    • 브랜드 아키텍처 시그니처


    • 브랜드 아키텍처 시그니처
    • 브랜드 아키텍처 시그니처

    Companies or Divisions

    • 브랜드 아키텍처 시그니처
    • 브랜드 아키텍처 시그니처
    • 브랜드 아키텍처 시그니처
    • 브랜드 아키텍처 시그니처
    • 브랜드 아키텍처 시그니처
    • 브랜드 아키텍처 시그니처
    • 브랜드 아키텍처 시그니처
    • 브랜드 아키텍처 시그니처
    • 브랜드 아키텍처 시그니처
    • 브랜드 아키텍처 시그니처
    • 브랜드 아키텍처 시그니처

    Brand architecture signature is a hierarchicalstructure used by Central’s business areas and
    it is internal management guideline for effective management of brand and Central group’s organization chart.
    These should be used without abuse and incorrect usage when they are used for Central’s affiliated companies and internal relations.

    Color System

    Passion Red

    Printed Color Pantone 485C
    Process Color C5 M98 Y100 K0
    RGB Color   R226 G35 B26

    Passion Red
    Main Color Passion Red in the word mark indicates passion and courage to spread Central’s endless potential capabilities for future.

    Steel Grey

    Printed Color Pantone Cool Grey 9C
    Process Color C0 M0 Y0 K65
    RGB Color   R120 G120 B122

    Steel Grey
    Secondary Color Steel Grey in logo type indicates safety and future-centric business directions felt by Central’s products.

    Overseas Network

    해외 네트워크


    • CTR VINA

    • CTR RUS


      (Europe Technical Center)

      Poland Branch

    • CTR
      USA Office

    • CTR
      Germany Office

    • CTR
      France Office

    • CTR
      Kazakhstan Office

      • Address Zhangjiagang PlantJintang Road, Economic Development Zone(S), Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China
        Main product Steering / Suspension / Brake
        Tel 86-512-8883-9710
        Fax 86-512-8883-9900
      • Address Monterrey Plant Av. Del parque 2115, Monterrey technology park, Cienega de flores, N.L, Mexico, C.P 65550
        Main product ITR, OTR
      • vietnam
        Address Danang Plant Tam Thang Industrial Zone, Tam Thang Commune, Tam ky City, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam
        Main product Ball Joint / ITR, OTR / Stabilizer Link
        Tel 84-235-3822-2000
        Fax 84-235-3555-886
      • america
        Address 129090, Russia, Moscow, Schepkina str., 33, Business Center “ETIMAⅡ”, 8th floor.
        Tell +7 (495) 748 9559
      • america
        Address 100 W Broadway STE 3000, Long Beach, CA 90802 USA
        Tell +1-323-332-1417
      • Address CTR Europe GmbH, Kaiserstr.100, 52134 Herzogenrath, Germany
        Tell +49-2407-5019-115
      • Poland
      • america
        주소 3000 Town Center STE 1325, Southfield, MI 48075 USA
      • 주소 050057, Timiriyazev str., 42, Expo-City, pav. 15/107, 2nd floor

    Domestic Network

    국내 네트워크
    • Headquarters


    • MOTEK

    • DTS

    • CMS

    • NEOCTR


      • headquarters_img
        Address CTR Building 6, Jungang-daero 228beon-gil, Uichang-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea (51439)
        Main jobs Group Support
        Tel 82-55-278-0200
        Fax 82-55-261-5491
      • Address Changwon Plant 551, Gongdan-ro, Seongsan-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeonsangnam-do, Korea (51557)
        Main product Streering Gear Ass’y part / Suspension part
        Tel 82-55-278-0200
        Fax 82-55-283-0919
      • Address Masan Plant 211, Jayumuyeok 3-gil, Masanhoewon-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeonsangnam-do, Korea (51338)
        Main product C/ARM, ITR, OTR, B/JOINT, CABJ, S/LINK
        Tel 82-55-290-5300
        Fax 82-55-251-1901
      • Address Asan Plant 70, Haewian-gil, Dunpo-myeon, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea (31421)
        Main product Steering Gear Ass’y part / Suspension part
        Tel 82-41-532-8651
        Fax 82-41-532-8655
      • #
        Address Yeongsan Plant 307-106. seorisangchon-gil, Yeongsan-myeon, Changnyeong-gun, Gyeonsangnam-do, Korea (50342)
        Main product STAB LINK
        Tel 82-55-520-3000
        Fax 82-70-4275-1267
      • Address Ulsan Plant 115, Modulehwasaneop-ro, Buk-gu, Ulsan-Si, Korea (44246)
        Main product Axle assy’
        Tel 82-52-290-1300
        Fax 82-52-290-1395
      • Address Miryang Plant 24-9, Chodongnonggongdanji-gil, Chodong-myeon, Miryang-si, Gyeonsangnam-do, Korea (50455)
        Main product Aluminum forging
        Tel 82-55-391-2268
        Fax 82-55-391-6399
      • Address Seosan Plant 229-43, Mujangsaneop-ro, Jigok-myeon, Seosan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea (31919)
        Main product Transmission parts
        Tel 82-41-670-1824
        Fax 82-41-666-1971
      • Address Daegu Plant 100, Gukgasandan-daero, 39-gil, Guji-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu-si, Korea (43011)
        Main product Powertrain
        Tel 82-53-610-9700
        Fax 82-70-4275-1735
      • Address Daehap Plant 68-26, 68-27, Daehapsaneopdanji-ro, Daehap-myeon, Changnyeong-gun, Gyeonsangnam-do, Korea (50307)
        Main product Comp Housing / Master Cylinder
        Nolse Cove
        Tel 82-55-530-5600
        Fax 82-55-530-5600
      • Address Yeongsan Plant 307-29, Seorisangchon-gil, Yeongsan-myeon, Changnyeong-gun, Gyeonsangnam-do, Korea (50342)
        Main product Steering / Suspension / Transmission
        Tel 82-55-520-3000
        Fax 82-55-520-3091
      • Address Yeongsan Plant 307-50, Seorisangchon-gil, Yeongsan-myeon, Changnyeong-gun, Gyeonsangnam-do, Korea (50342)
        Main product Steering / Suspension
        Tel 82-55-520-0200
        Fax 82-55-520-0297
      • Address Smart Campus Technical & Business Center, CENTRAL SMART CAMPUS, 41-4, Burim-ro 170beon-gil, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (14055)
        Main jobs technologies marketing / pre-research
        Tel 82-31-470-3952
        Fax Marketing Head Office : 82-70-4275-1921
        NEOCTR : 82-70-4275-1931
        R&D Center : 82-70-4275-1941

    Customer networks


    Central always makes efforts, and thinks the way to provide the best value to customer.