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CTR Story

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Korean based company are the ‘Unseen Heroes’ keeping one-third of Americans safe on the road 21-02-25



Racking up13,476 miles a year, the average American drives the equivalent of four roundtrips from New York to Dallas. That’s the highest yearly mileage than anyoneelse in the world and it’s on the increase, year on year.

More timespent behind the wheel means increased risk and in turn, this leads to agreater need for companies to step up when it comes to vehicle safety. With theaim of creating a safer world through innovation, CTR are taking the lead inprotecting the public on the road.

As an OEcompany, CTR contributes to customer safety by supplying quality productstailored to the level of OE technology. Established in Korea nearly 70 yearsago, CTR parts are now used in three-quarters of Korean car brands, and supplyparts for 25% of the world’s OEM brands.


With over1,400 employees in 10 countries and such a prominent presence in the automotiveindustry worldwide, CTR products now reach 33% of all Americans on the road. 



To mark theirsuccess in building an essential company that is central to safe mobility, CTRare launching a bold new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign. Itcelebrates their hardworking staff and quality car parts, highlighting them asthe ‘unseen heroes’ that keep American drivers safe on the road.

CTR’s CEO,Rafael Hoyoung Lee, talking of the company’s core values, says thatfundamentally CTR staff ‘behave on a basis of respect for all humanity’, andthis is the driving force behind the campaign.

With thevision of becoming the top three aftermarket brand in the world within the next10 years, CTR will continue to put safety first.

To find outmore visit https://aftermarket.ctr.co.kr/UnseenHeroes and for any enquiries contact us at sales_aftermarket@ctr.co.kr


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