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CTR Story

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Introducing the Production Team for CTR Stabilizer Link Plant 22-12-07



Ctr is my first job and I joined the company 3 years ago. The Yeongsan plant produces a stabilizer link among the suspension devices, and I am in charge of the c-caking type process among various types.

Production management is the task of analyzing expected demands and planning and managing production, logistics, and inventory to optimize. It is the work of supplying optimal production plans and high-quality products according to customer needs. This requires systematic management of mans, machines, materials, and methods. We also want to maximize the efficiency of the production system. Work improvement continues through standardization and efficiency.


Stabilizer Link Plant_02.jpg


Production management positions require communication skills, responsibility, and leadership. The overall management ability of the production site is required, and the mindset and knowledge of the production system are required to improve the problem situation.


Stabilizer Link Plant.jpg


CTR has a vision to become an indispensable core company for customers and society by providing safe products and services to transportation with core technologies and capabilities. We will try to contribute to customers and society based on CTR vision and responsibility.

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