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Explaining CTR products and competitive concept for the future 22-10-24


Hello Everyone, My name is Bong Geol Jung. I have been working as a design engineer on Chassis part for about 8 years. I will shortly introduce chassis part which is producing at CTR for a long time and explain parts which is competitive in the future.

Firstly, in case of ball joint, there are press fit type and paddle type and the plastic injection type of ball joint. Also, Depending on stud connection type and loading direction type, the shape of ball joint will be changed. 

In case of stabilizer link, there are plastic injection type and steel type. In case of CABJ, there are steel and aluminum caulking/staking type of CABJ. 

In case of OTR/ITR, according to the load direction and a structure of the vehicle, there are steel/Aluminum socket type, taper type and washer type. As you see this page, various customers want to order our parts. CTR has good capability to analyze failure mode, prediction and corrective action immediately, because CTR’s suspension and steering parts for about 70years has been proven in OEMS.




Generally, if a ball joint has high torque, the ball joint has low elasticity. On the other hands, if a ball joint has low torque, it has high elasticity. The best ideal ball joint has low torque and elasticity. Even though making the ideal ball joint is difficult, CTR made the ideal ball joint meeting two conditions. The plastic injection type of ball joint has lower friction lubricant, lower contact force with lower shrinkage material after injection and higher wear strength material with G.F or C.F. It has not only better performance, but also competitive cost impact.

Recently, most of car company are focused on making eco-friendly cars including electronic car and hydrogen car to reduce the emission of carbon. Accordingly, the plastic injection type of ball joint is best part to meet eco-friendly industry. If you are interested in our parts, Please contact us and I’m sure you are satisfied with it.

Thank you for listening.

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