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CTR Ontact #12 World-class CTR 21-07-30 13:20




CTR Ontact #12  World-class CTR 

Hello everybody!

I’m Dave(byeong ock) Jang, who is in charge of control arm design in the CTR design team.

CTR is my first company to get a job after graduating from university, and I have been working in 

design team about 7 years.


World-class CTR optimized design

I will briefly introduce the design of the control arm, which I’m in charge of.

Quotation : When an RFQ is received from a customer, we propose to the customer an optimized shape 

that satisfies the load case and does not interference with the package of surrounding components of 

the vehicle. And the final supplier is decided through design and cost competition with multiple companies. 

The time when the customer is satisfied with the proposed design and CTR wins the final order seems to be 

the biggest happy moment in working. 

I work with confidence that the CTR optimized design is world-class.

(Optimization design : The lightest and cheapest shape design while satisfying performance.)


Development : Drawings of products are drawn up, design verification are performed according to test 

with the customer specification.

CTR's control arm

CTR's control arm is supplied to almost all OEM companies around the world. 

And the best advantage of CTR is that it can design and produce all kinds of control arm like below list.

Aluminum forging/casting control arm

Steel forging/casting control arm

Steel Stamping control arm

Hybrid(Stamping + Plastic) control arm



Weight control arm(Maxlight)

I am very convinced that the day 

when CTR's light weight control arm(Maxlight) is recognized as the world's best product will soon come.

Because of COVID-19, I was able to communicate in a new way, and I hope you enjoy reading it

Thank you

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