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CTR Ontact #10 CTR launched “MAX LITE” 21-07-16 00:09



Hello Everyone 

This is Soo AHN in CTR Global Customer Management Team. This is my first job after university. I’ve been working over 12 years. It was really my great time in CTR and I believe it will continue to be so. Due to the COVID19, I couldn’t meet my valuable customer for a long time, but I think it could be an also good chance to send the messages through this kind of the media. 


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When I started the working in CTR, our company decided to extend the other valuable customer except the CTR main market as domestic and North America. So, my task and goal was for Renault / Nissan global alliance and PSA as well later. It was not easy but I and my team promoted the CTR main products as Ball Joint, Stabilizer Link, Control Arm and CABJ and finally we got the valuable program from each customer. 

CTR  valuable program

There are many reason how CTR got a valuable program from each customer and I think it is because of the specialized technology and customer satisfaction culture. CTR is the first company who produced Joint Parts such as Ball Joint and Stabilizer Link in Korea. And also CTR accumulated this kind of technology over 50 years. CTR is the also the first company who produce the AL Forged part. This technology is the key point for the valuable customer. And Next point is the customer satisfaction culture. It could be imaged as flexible organizational culture. Because, all of the company has the own standard, but CTR always support the customer flexibly while complying with CTR standards. 

However, it doesn’t always have the strong point. As I said earlier, I have been working here over 12 years and I think CTR weak point is the fast follower, not the market leader. There are so many market leaders in the world but I don’t think CTR existing technology is the inferior to them, but No new technology beyond them. But I believe this is the weak point but not the worst. CTR focus on the new technology as hybrid Control Arm and others. I believe it will be successful and CTR will become a global leader in automotive part. 



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Promote the new technology to valuable customer. 

Based on my experience, I try to challenge again to the new valuable customer as JLR and VW. JLR and VW are also the global leader but CTR couldn’t have the chance to promote the CTR technology. So I and my team will promote the CTR technology to them and I believe it will be success. Because CTR will focus more and more to the strong point and improve the weak point quickly. So as the first step, I and my team will promote the CTR existing technology as Ball Joint, Stabilizer Link, Control Arm and CABJ. And final step is to promote the new technology to valuable customer. 

Last but not the least, CTR will grow up continuously with valuable customer in automotive market. In addition, CTR launched “MAX LITE” for the light weight part as the global trend. I hope our valuable customer will grow up also with CTR. 

Thanks you very much and I wish all the best to our valuable customer. 

Have a good day.

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