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CTR ONTACT #02 'Mr. Youngest, Kim junsung' 21-04-02 14:21


CTR ONTACT 2021 Vol02



Hello, I am Junsung Kim in Steering part in CTR Customer Management Team. 

Hello, I am Junsung Kim. Born 1991, I grew up 20 years at Daegu, Korea. 

When I was young, my house was around the old markets, 

however the schools I have been going was on the cutting edge of the city, thanks to my parents.

Seeing the gap, I have dreamed about the life out of town, possibly abroad. 

To do so, I have studied English hard on my own. 

Then it came halfway true when I got into university at Seoul. I majored advertising and marketing there. 

Experiences of marketing study and lingual capacity have bred my interest 

in overseas activities since then. Yet, now I have a job which needs both. 

Sure this is quite a challenge. But also, maybe a luck, I guess


Wide range & long history of experience is one of the major strength CTR carries. 

I have involved in the sales, development and commercial application of the 

steering parts supplied to BOSCH. 

Most of them were subcomponents of steering gear, including the tie rods. 

Before BOSCH it was HKMC which I have worked for.

Wide range & long history of experience in automotive business is one of the major strength CTR carries. 

CTR have been supplying multiple types of autoparts to various brands 

all around the world for a half century. That gives CTR know-hows to deal with the mass production, from drawing to quality control.



From MAXLITE, we are aiming to be even better, a future beyond it.


In new era of electric vehicles and lightweight autoparts, no one knows what to expect. 

But we can assure this: for a long time, for many customers, 

CTR have been good enough. And from MAXLITE, we are aiming to be even 

better, a future beyond it.

Hope you can offer us a chance of business to compete for your future.

Thank you~!


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