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CTR Ontact #5 GO WEST! 21-05-17 10:33


CTR Ontact #5 GO WEST!





Our team is responsible for European OE

Hello everyone, 

I’m Richard, Ha team leader of European & Japanese OE customers at CTR global customer management team. I’m really exciting to meet and deliver messages to our valuable customers through this social media communication. 

Even though it’s been a quite long time to see each other because of COVID 19, I believe that everyone is safe and doing well. Establishing this session is going to be one of effective and interesting communication way until these challenging circumstances are over, so we will be trying to frequently reach out to you for bringing up what’s new in CTR.  

Today, as the first session, I’m going to introduce our team, its strategy & enhanced product portfolio.    

Our team is responsible for European OE, BMW, Stellantis former PSA&FCA, Daimler and Renault Nissan global alliance as well. CTR has been looking at huge potentials in European market so we’ve set up an objective to expand our sales in this market. 


Focus on how we can make our customers satisfy.

As a first approach, we’ve succeeded in winning several major platforms with our core products, Ball joint, Stabilizer link and Aluminum control arms. All of our customers are very satisfied with our performance and quality as well, so we believe our first step has been very successfully proven by customer satisfactions. I’m very proud how we have made these accomplishments with my team. My team and I are going to continuously focus on how we can make our customers satisfy.


Recently, we’re deeply taking account into diversifying product portfolios along with customer’s challenging expectations and requirements. As part of this objectives, in order to contribute customer’s consistent effort for reducing vehicle weight, our R&D has been launching “hybrid product” which is made by metal and plastic combinations and can 100% comply with required performance. This hybrid technology is going to be applied to all of our core products even including control arm. This new control arm will be available names as “MAX LITE” in the market very soon. CTR believes this new technology is able to enhance our product portfolio and give our customers more flexible options for vehicle development. 

The development phases will be updated by different communication ways and our R&D team is planning to set up technical promotion session with each customer soon, so please join this session and experience what CTR is going to change.   

And another technical revolution is ball screw which can be applied for R-EPS steering system, braking and various applications in the vehicle. CTR is the first company to successfully develop this technology and start mass production in Korea. We’re very sure ball screw will become another strategic fit. 

CTR has been having more global foot prints and presences to effectively and immediately correspond customer’s expectations in local. We have R&D center in Aachen of Germany and regional sales representative and engineering in Germany, France, Italy and Sweden. You can reach out to CTR anytime you need without time delays.     


This year 2021 is our 50th anniversary. Although we faced to a lot of challenges for the past 50 years, we have been well overcoming and grown up consistently with our customers. 

We’re now preparing another 50years with you. We will never forget our top priority is “customer satisfaction” and our all of capabilities and resources will be more focused on this priority. 

We’re very looking forward that we can make this another success with you in the next 50 years. 

Thank you very much and all the best wishes to our customers.  

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