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CTR Ontact #4 One fine day, Right at this moment 21-04-28 19:30




10 years in CTR, 

One fine day, Right at this moment

Hello everybody!

I am Eileen Kim, sales manager at global customer management team in CTR Group. CTR is my first company, and I have been working in one place about 10 years, aren't you curious what the charming of CTR is? Because of COVID-19, Today I am greeting to share that we, CTR thorough ONTACT activities like these kind of SNS media. It is a little bit nervous since it is my first try but I would appreciate it if you could have fun.


For me, 10 years in CTR is organized into 2 categories

My major was Chinese in university so my first task was to expand the Chinese market by discovering TIER 1 and OEM companies in China. 

It was really hard time but we finally did it. Starting with ZF ITR, OTR, we were able to have a good experience by gradually expanding orders to our core products BJ, CABJ, S/links and Aluminum control arms regardless local & Global customer.

Recently my main account is T**** T**** represents me in CTR, I could make my own career thorough T**** business. We are supplying all suspension parts including CABJ, S/links and Aluminum control arm to T**** all vehicles now & I am very proud how my team & me have been made these accomplishments from model S to model Y, from Fremont to Berlin, Austin until now. It is not easy but makes me very happy. I am looking forward that I make another opportunities with new technology & product with T**** continuously. 


Good price & quality for more projects with lightweight+CTR technology.

I think the trend of future is for electric vehicles. If I have chance to promote CTR & our product to new valuable customers, I firstly introduce our aluminum control arms with BJ technology to all. I am very convinced that we can provide competitive proposals with good price & quality for more projects with lightweight + CTR Own BJ technology.

It’s been a quite long time not to see each other because of COVID 19, I believe this will be one of efficient and interesting communication way until these challenging circumstances are over.  

Today is the cornerstone!

We are always focused on “customer satisfaction” with our all of capabilities and systems every time. Some of you may not be familiar with CTR, but once you know CTR, I am confident that it will be a company that wants to work together twice or three times. Would you like to experience it?

Thank you very much for listening my story.      

Oh, I almost forgot it. do you know “Maxlite”? please look forward to next session, 

Thank you, bye bye, Xiexie, Zaijian.

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