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CTR ONTACT #03 ' Awesome Steven In CTR' 21-04-12 11:33




Awesome Steven In CTR Hi, everyone, my name is Steven.

Hi, everyone, my name is Steven.

I am going to talk a little about myself today. 

Back in University, I double majored in Mechanical engineering and Arabic Studies, and I have lived in Egypt studying Arabic language. 

مرحباً ، اسمي سمير ، تعلمت اللغة العربية في مصر لمدة 10 أشهر.

فرصة سعيدة

As you can see from my majors, I have spent a lot of time cumulating balanced capabilities both of Engineering and communication skill. To be more specific, I possess practical knowledge on Engineering coming from years of studying Engineering and leading a lot of technical projects. And thanks to the fact that I am able to communicate in English and Arabic and have a good understanding of various cultures, I have been able to contribute to consolidating the business relationships with overseas customers. Besides of my capabilities, I can say that I am self-motivated person and my friends and colleagues call me a quick learner and very challenging. In sum, in terms of capabilities and characteristics, I feel really satisfied with working in this fast-changing automotive industry.

I joined CTR a year ago as a sales representative. Now I am mainly in charge of Renault and Nissan. Thanks to having experienced a lot of projects for a short period of time, I have become specialized in Control Arm, Ball Joint, Stabilizer Link, and Knuckles. 

Thanks to working with various OE customers, we have been able to build up a strong engineering and quality foundation enabling us to meet customers’ strict requirements with competitive pricing.

Although our company has been investing a lot effort and resources in expanding the business in Europe and consolidating the business connections throughout the world, I do not think we have been able to grow up as much as we desired it to be yet. I think this is because of the lack of advanced marketing, so I hope we will be able to improve it by doing something like what we are doing now. 

I think that 2020 was the most frustrating year in my whole career for COVID 19 and I do not see things differently in 2021. But the fact that CTR has been making significant progress in its technology and stabilizing the quality helps me feel more confident than I have ever been so far. So I hope you have more chances to learn and experience our company and products, and share more opportunities to grow up together in the future. I will be looking forward to it. Thank you.

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